The first time I met Kenneth Helman we were on a concert tour through Germany and Italy, and he appeared in Germany`s most famous TV Show, Wetten Das? Kenneth Helman is one of the finest musicians and singers I’ve ever met, and if you are looking for a voice teacher, call Ken, he is simply the best!

Peter Musser Vocalist, Munich, Germany November 11, 2013

"Have you ever tried writing music?" One simple question that changed the course of my life. When I met Ken Helman, I had given up on music. He encouraged me and pushed me, strengthening the range and flexibility of my voice, opening my mind to other musical possibilities and restoring joy to my singing. But most of all, he recognized that I had a hidden talent for songwriting and worked alongside me to develop it. Thanks to him, I discovered my passion.

With one EP, World of Should, under my belt, and a full-length CD planned for 2014, I'm proud to call Ken one of the most important influences on my career. A true mentor, collaborator and friend. Thank you, Mr. Helman.

Janice Kirkwood Singer/Songwriter November 11, 2013

Working with Ken Helman was an amazing experience. He taught me how to breathe — sing from my body and my heart. I am clear that our work together laid the foundation for the amazing reviews my work has gotten.

Dave Rudbarg Student & R&B Vocalist November 11, 2013

Fusing standards with Broadway/pop tunes, [Ken] builds moments that are spellbinding... There is a genuine flair for phrasing that sets him apart.

John Hoglund Critic & Journalist, Cabaret Exchange November 11, 2013

Ken Helman is a beautiful soul whose voice breathes the richness of his musical journey. The depth of his artistry can leave a concert hall in awe with grandeur or gently caress a sad song to sleep. It is always a pleasure to work with Ken and I'm happy to call him a friend.

Rohin Khemani Percussionist & Composer, New York, NY November 11, 2013

The uniqueness of his voice, clearly controlled but vaguely unsettled, seems to frame the stories that his lyrics weave. There is nothing to distract you from the fact that Helman is telling intensely personal tales with his songs, nothing between the listener, him, and his piano accompaniment. Broadway fans and those with an avid appreciation for a pared-down style, embellished only with talent, will probably treasure his work. Others probably won't get it.

SFcritic.com Review of "Emerging" November 11, 2013

Ken Helman is a kind and generous. teacher. I have always wanted to take singing lessons but felt intimidated. After my first lesson with Ken my fear was replaced with jubilation. Ken’s musical genius coupled with his playful sense of humor always made the lessons a joy and a challenge worth showing up for. NYC’s loss is the Bay Area’s gain.

Lizzie Donohue New York, NY November 11, 2013

The sublime artist Kenneth Helman serves music with passion and compassion, elegance, genius and humor, and sheer excellence. He is one of a kind and possesses an invaluable gift for word and music.

Helene Kamioner Director, Creative Consultants for the Arts November 11, 2013

Helman reminds us that music can carry a message as potently and effectively as a lyric...[His] ability to synthesize Broadway and pop within a classical mode left me breathless...Helman's brilliance will have sophisticated listeners doing backflips.

Bob Harrington Critic, New York Post November 11, 2013

Having played with Ken for 20 years, I'm always amazed how he can traverse the tonal terrain from Bach to Thelonious Monk with aplomb. Great hands, sensitive feel and incredible ears! A joy to play with and listen to.

Joe Palese Guitarist & Teacher, Atlanta, GA November 11, 2013

Mr. Helman has a vast knowledge of musical theater and pop music to which he applies his technique – and it works flawlessly. My vocal range, quality, and strength have improved exponentially since working with him. He sincerely cares about his student’s improvement, and inspires you to become the best singer you can be.

Adam Second Year Theater Major, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) November 11, 2013

You're wonderful, Maestro!

Michael Bennett Musical theatre director, writer, choreographer, and dancer November 11, 2013

My work with Ken has been instrumental in my growth as a vocalist, musician, and performer. The improvements in my technical ability, comfort on stage, and artistry have surpassed anything I dreamed of when I first stepped onto his doorstep. It's been an absolute pleasure and privilege working with Ken — I would recommend him to anyone.

William Rutter MIT Boston November 11, 2013

Equally at home with opera, musical theater, pop music and everything in between, Ken Helman is experienced, extremely professional, and overall he’s a wonderfully nice human being. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a vocal coach, pianist, or vocalist.

David Möschler Conductor & Musical Director November 11, 2013

The spontaneity and energy of [Ken's] arrangements are further evidence of his great talent.

Sting Music Artist November 11, 2013

Ken was a fabulous coach who introduced me to new and exciting material, which expanded my repertoire, and helped me prepare a fantastic audition tape, which contributed to my acceptance at CAP21's two year Professional Program in New York City!

Elise Youssef Singer & Actress November 11, 2013

It is easy to understand why such performers as Sting use arrangements by Ken Helman; they are unique, unconventional, dramatic and highly memorable...and his voice is a palette of rich and varied hues.

Robert M. Goodman November 11, 2013

Ken Helman is a terrific mentor and teacher. He draws out your best talents and takes you to a level of achievement you never dreamed you could reach. Your personalized lesson blends your musical talent with Ken's expertise, to create a masterful finished product.

Vivienne LaBarbara Singer & Actress, New York, NY November 11, 2013

Witnessing Kenneth Helman’s musical development for several decades, I can only say that this truly is a Renaissance Man: anything he does, whether as performer, teacher or creative artist, his “multi-tasking” in various musical genres inspires anyone who works with him. Hats off to this gifted man!

Oresta Cybriwsky Collaborative Pianist, Vocal Coach and Korrepetitor, Bavarian Theater Academy, University of Munich, Germany November 11, 2013

[Ken] still impresses me as one of the most ingenious and inventive singing pianists in town.

Backstage Magazine November 11, 2013