If you need an amazing web designer, search no further…!

A shout out about my web designer, Sundari Johansen Hurwitt. An incredible combination of intelligence, patience, gentility, open heartedness. I enjoyed every moment I spent with her. She did an awesome job with my web site,http://kenhelman.com/ and I recommend her with no reservations.In her spare time, she’s a PHD candidate in Asian and Comparative studies. Not too shabby, eh?

Gurr-ate show last night at Freight and Salvage,Berkeley

Vocal students of the JazzSchool presented their work last night with great reception. Deservedly so! Good performances all around. This is a class directed by Laurie Antonioli. My students Thea Rose and Susana Pineda sang their respective faces off with Monk, Jobim, and an original song that Susana penned. They sang their faces off!

Little Opera is going Gangbusters!

An update on Little Opera, SF. I’m working with the Wagner’s, the older kids group, aprox 6-12yrs old. I’m composer in residence, and helping shape their ideas, and things are shaping up quite well. The set is being crafted as an old haunted mansion. The libretto, at this point, features a rebellious teen, her grumpy grandfather, and lots of ghosts who are transported from room to room in a plume of smoke. Three songs have been written, and more of the libretto is in progress. The kids are smart and incredibly creative. I’m really loving the experience! It’s reminding me of a few truths about the writing process: 1.Have fun in the process 2. Brainstorming, there are no bad ideas 3. Simplicity is often best 4. working in partnership can inspire 5. When you get too “squirrelly”, jump up and down for a minute, and always take a snack break!