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The work of auditioning for colleges and conservatories is of particular interest to me. When I was faced with the prospect of doing it, I didn’t have anyone to help see me through the process of applications, audition requirements, cities I’d never been to, and all the rest. In fact, at 17, I’d hardly been out of New Jersey! It’s a knotty process, and only gotten more so, as competition has increased.

Young people need direction and support through this important passage. Auditioning is a craft. It is important to prepare and develop audition skills, much like you train and develop your artistic ability. While your previous audition experience will serve you well at subsequent auditions, due to simple repetition, it is something that you can learn and get better at.

In an audition, the first impression you make will prevail – so, make that impression a positive one! Not to be overlooked, first impressions actually begin with your application materials and correspondence with the organization. To assist you in this process, I will provide do’s and don’ts that will be invaluable in securing a place in the school of your dreams!

I offer a complete service for people that are preparing to audition for colleges and conservatories.

Work that will be covered in individual sessions include:

  • How to schedule your college audition
  • A spreadsheet with your audition schools and their audition requirements
  • Information on the best locations to audition
  • Parent’s orientation of the audition process
  • Appropriate repertoire selection and preparation
  • Mock auditions
  • Pre-audition recording
  • Headshot referral and selection
  • Resume preparation
  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Monologue preparation with acting coach (referral given if needed)

Ken was a fabulous coach who introduced me to new and exciting material, which expanded my repertoire, and helped me prepare a fantastic audition tape, which contributed to my acceptance at CAP21’s two year Professional Program in New York City!

Elise Youssef
Singer & Actress


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