"Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable." -- Leonard Bernstein

Expert Coaching in Vocal Technique


Technique is a means to an end, but essential. Alone, it’s not art, but allows you to communicate your heart and soul. In the end, that’s what the listener wants from your performance.

“My work with Ken has been instrumental in my growth as a vocalist, musician, and performer. The improvements in my technical ability, comfort on stage, and artistry have surpassed anything I dreamed of when I first stepped onto his doorstep. It’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege working with Ken — I would recommend him to anyone.” — William Rutter, MIT Boston

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Ken-Helman-373Ken Helman is a classically trained pianist, singer and composer. He is presently on the voice faculty of the Jazz School in Berkeley and is the composer-in-residence at San Francisco’s Little Opera. 

He has been a voice teacher for 35 years and has worked with a wide range of students from pre-teens to Sting.

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"Have you ever tried writing music?" One simple question that changed the course of my life. When I met Ken Helman, I had given up on music. He encouraged me and pushed me, strengthening the range and flexibility of my voice, opening my mind to other musical possibilities and restoring joy to my singing. But most of all, he recognized that I had a hidden talent for songwriting and worked alongside me to develop it. Thanks to him, I discovered my passion. With one EP, World of Should, under my belt, and a full-length CD planned for 2014, I'm proud to call Ken one of the most important influences on my career. A true mentor, collaborator and friend. Thank you, Mr. Helman.

Janice Kirkwood

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